Botero Prints

Botero Prints

Botero prints cover the full career of famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero who continues to impress and gather new supporters all the time who are attracted to his innovative style. Botero is well known for his portraits of fat women although the artist adds a charming style to each character in each and every painting. See below for some of Botero's best known prints and paintings, all available to buy as reproductions from the online store. There are also Botero paintings featured here.

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Bath Botero

Bath Print by Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero is respected for a long career full of impressive works in the fields of drawing, painting and sculpture, although he will always be best known for his style of figurative portraits and large people, normally women. This unusual approach has found favour internationally and helped the painter, full name Fernando Botero Angulo, to take his reputation far beyond his native Colombia.

Following on from Botero's charming paintings are a recent interest in series related to political subjects, most notably the 2005 Abu Ghraib collection which contains more than 85 paintings and 100 drawings and draws attention to a theme that is clearly concerning the artist enough to inspire such a large series of paintings. Abu Ghraib refers to war atrocities in Iraq which upset the artist considerably.

Dancers Botero

Dancers Print by Fernando Botero

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Botero's "fat figures" was a phrase coined by the artist to describe his technique for figurative portraits which consistently fattened up his subjects to give paintings very different to the art world that tended to concentrate on standard models of slimmer proportions.

Botero has spent a lot of time living in Europe including France and Italy, where he has been able to spread the publicity for his art reasonably easily. Recent years have been spent between Paris and his home country but a young Botero also travelled around a lot to study and development his ideas and techniques.

High Society Botero

High Society Print by Fernando Botero

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Since his Abu Ghraib series of 2005 Botero has since returned to topics common in his career around the 1970s and 1980s, that of family and in particular his own family. Botero has always been particularly interested in motherhood and children. Much of these were in oils whilst others experimented with watercolours which was not common for a painter of his background.

After continuing on to a series based on Circus performers, Botero seems likely to carry out producing series of works tackling one series after another, before returning to his normal diet of still lifes, of which he has already done many. Some of the many of the still lifes from the 1990s included Still Life With Coffee Pot, Still Life With Fruit Basket, Still Life With Lamp and Still Life With Oranges.

Ballerina to the Handrail Botero

Ballerina to the Handrail Print by Fernando Botero

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Fernando Botero came from humble beginnings and was not able to enjoy art until later in his life. He found his early inspiration from the Baroque style architecture which was common where he lived at the time, most commonly in religious buildings which gained most attention and finance. Botero's first artistic impression was made through newspapers where as a student he would pay tuition fees by producing interesting illustrations. This early path was similar to Warhol and many other artists whose illustrative skills had found them a way into the profession and greater opportunities for the future.

As the career of Fernando Botero develops, it is clear that his characteristic style is likely to continue as it is now, only combined with new and interesting subjects that inspire the artist, such as recently with his Abu Ghraib and Circus series. Botero has already gained a reputation to match Mexican art's finest of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera whose careers were linked closely, but their styles and characters somewhat different.

Nude Botero

Nude Print by Fernando Botero

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Mona Lisa is a famous Botero work where he took Leonardo Da Vinci's original Mona Lisa and added his own twist by incorporating the artist's typical fat theme to the portrait subject. It follows in the long line of spoof works on the original, but features a far greater quality and thought than most previous versions. It also enjoys a greater publicity thanks to the success of it's artist in general, and is seen as a valued painting in it's own right, unlike most of the other Mona Lisa adaptations.

The still life and fat woman paintings are the best known artworks of Botero, with Woman Reading and Still life with oranges two of the best examples of this. Botero loved most to capture set scenes of fruit upon tables, as is classic in still life painting, but with his own unique techniques.

Still Life with Mandolin Botero

Still Life with Mandolin Print by Fernando Botero

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Of all contemporary artists that have achieved success in recent years, Botero is a relatively more typical artist, using figurative portraits as the basis of his career, only with his own additional creativity added, but without resorting to the abstract norms of the modern day artists. This has ensured that his paintings can appeal to fans of many different age groups and backgrounds.

The qualities of Botero and his charming style of painting makes his art prints best suited to medium to large sized framed art prints, normally with a fairly contemporary frame to best match the artist. Posters and stretched canvases are also popular, as are giclees, although such accurate colour matching that giclees offer is not as important for Botero paintings as say Chagall, where colour is critical to the painting itself.

Couple Botero

Couple Print by Fernando Botero

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Frida Kahlo prints cover famous self portraits and portrayals of female life throughout Mexico by an artist known for her personal troubles as well as her talented skills which didn't go unnoticed despite her celebrity life with fellow artist Diego Rivera. Kahlo lived a relatively troubled life but has since achieved something of a cult status as her paintings were not as popular during her own lifetime and she lived much of her life in the shadow of husband Diego Rivera.

Diego Rivera prints cover bright and innovative paintings and murals from this famous Mexican painter who became Frida Kahlo's husband as well as a strong political campaigner. Rivera was a larger than life character who loved the social advantages of having built up a strong reputation as an artist and a true celebrity character.

Those looking to discover more about Botero should read this interesting article at Squidoo.

El Pueblo Botero

El Pueblo Print by Fernando Botero

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For those looking to study his recent exhibitions, please see below for a comprehensive list of some of Botero's most recent art displays:

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Fernando Botero remains the most famous Colombian artist with international approval. See below for other notable artists to have come from Colombia:

The pictures of Botero paintings in this website are just an introduction to the many great works that he has created up to now. A fuller list of famous Botero paintings would include A Concert 1995, A Couple 1995, A Couple 1995, A Couple 1999, A Family 1996, A Lawyer 1995, A Man And A Woman 1989, A Thief 1994, A Thief 1994, After Piero Della Francesca 1998, After Velazquez 1988, Amalia 1995, Archangel 1995, Archangel With Black Hat 1995, Banderillas 1987, Cat On A Roof 1978, Charity 1996, Colombian Family 1999, Colombiana 1986, Colombiana 1991, Dancers 1997, Delfina 1972, Esmeralderos 1996, Family Scene 1969, Flowerpot 1974, Flowers 1994, Flowers 1995, Flowers 1995, Fruit Basket 1972, Gate Of Heaven 1993, Gate Of Hell 1993, General 1996, Girl 1996, Girl With Flowers 1995, Girl With Puppet 1996, Good Morning 1996, Guerillas 1988, Happy Birthday 1971, Hommage To De La Tour 1998, Horse 1992, In The Park 1996, Interior 1994, Interior 1995, La Loca 1996, Le Dejeuner Sur I Herbe 1969, Louis Xvi And Marie Antoinette On A Visit To Medellin Colombia 1990, Man 1994, Man 1998, Man And Horse 1997, Man And Woman 1996, Man Drinking Orange Juice 1987, Man Reading A Paper 1996, Man Smoking 1973, Man Smoking 1995, Man With Dog 1989, Massacre On The Best Corner 1997, Melancholia 1989, Mona Lisa 1978, Monsieur Ingres 1995, Monsignor 1996, Mother And Child 1995, Mother And Son 1993, Mother Superior 1994, Mother Superior 1996, Mother With Child 1995, Musician 1997, Nude 1989, Official Portrait Of The Military Junta 1971, Oranges 1988, Painter And His Model 1995, Painter Of Still Life 1994, Pear 1976, Picador 1984, Picnic 1997, Picnic 1998, Rubens And His Wife 1965, Saint Michael Archangel 1986, Salon De Billar 1995, Seated Woman 1989, Seated Woman 1994, Self-Portrait 1994, Self-Portrait The Day Of My First Communion 1970, Self-Portrait With Louis Xiv 1973, Self-Portrait With Sofia 1986, Society Lady 1994, Society Lady 1997, Still Life 1994, Still Life In Front Of The Window 1996, Still Life With Bananas 1990, Still Life With Cabbage 1967, Still Life With Coffee Pot 1985, Still Life With Fruit Basket 1996, Still Life With Lamp 1997, Still Life With Oranges 1993, Still Life With Oranges 1993, Still Life With Violin 1999, The House Of Maria Duque 1970, The Hunter 1997, The Model 1989, The Musicians 1979, The Night 1998, The Painter And His Model 1992, The President 1995, The President And First Lady 1989, The Rape Of Europa 1998, The Seamstress 1990, The Siesta 1986, The Street 1995, The Toilet 1996, The Town 1995, The Waterfall 1996, The Waterfall 1998, Untitled 1994, Venus 1982, Venus 1989, Venus 1990, Venus 1996, Still Life With Watermelon 1976, Still Life With Watermelon 1992, Sunflowers 1995, The Arnolfini After Van Eyck 1997, The Atelier 1990, The Bathroom 1989, The Bathroom 1995, The Bathroom 1999, The Bedroom 1990, The Bedroom 1993, The Bedroom 1996, The Bedroom 1997, The Bedroom 1999, The Bishop In The Woods 1996, The Buffet 1993, The Burglar 1980, The Captain 1969, The Card Player 1988, The Card Player 1996, The Cat 1994, The Charity 1996, The Couple 1994, The Dinner 1994, The First Lady 1997, The Gardening Club 1997, The House 1995, The House Of Amanda Ramirez 1988, Watermelon 1989, Woman 1995, Woman 1996, Woman 1999, Woman At The Window 1995, Woman At The Window 1997, Woman Crying 1949, Woman Falling From A Balcony 1994, Woman In A Hat 1986, Woman In Front Of The Window 1990, Woman In Front Of The Window 1995, Woman In Profile 1992, Woman In Profile 1995, Woman In Profile 1996, Woman On A Balcony 1995, Woman On A Bed 1995, Woman Seated 1997, Woman Seated On Bed 1996, Woman With A Bird 1995, Woman With A Book 1987, Woman With A Cat 1995, Woman With A Fur Coat 1990, Woman With A Red Bow 1990, Woman With Dog 1996, Woman With Guitar 1988, Woman With Pearls 1995 and Woman With Umbrella 1995.

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